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  1. Back to SN 1682i/1682j: A Final Comment

    1920-1933: DWM Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    By the time I felt my research into Luger SN 1682i was done (see “Revisiting Sleuthing A Suhl Area Rework”), I thought I was pretty hot stuff. I’ve since come to understand how incredibly patient, welcoming, and helpful all the people I’ve met on this board have been with me, as I’ve seen that...
  2. Revisitning "Sleuthing a Suhl Area Rework"

    1920-1933: DWM Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hello Forum, This is a tale of two actual guns that I call the “original gun” and the “present gun.” Both versions have been extensively reworked and are unrecognizable one from the other; they are that different. A phantom “third gun” can also be mooted as the Weimar intercessor between the...