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  1. New Collectors Board
    Hi everyone. I have been reading posts since I joined in September but this is my first post. I inherited a small collection by surprise and then proceeded to get some formal hand gun training. Now I am cleaning the collection up and doing some research. One of the pieces is what I believe to be...
  2. New Collectors Board
    Hi noble members of the forum, I bought a luger a short time ago, I got the general catalog of lugers and saw that it is the commercial model 1906. I would like to know the year of manufacture of the weapon, can I do this through the serial number?? Its serial number is 63452. Is there any...
  3. 1900-1918 DWM
    Hi, I’m from Brazil, recently I’ve found an Luger on my grandpa things. Doing some research, I’m discovered that: Year: 1906 DWM Portuguese Contract Serial number: 2321 (Of 5000) Some itens have the 21 mark (like trigger, dismount lever, barrel extension) Other have 41 mark (toogle parts) It...
  4. New Collectors Board
    Hi guys, back with another one from the collection that won't be as romantic as the navy that was recently discussed, but I have a 1906 DWM American Eagle 9mm. Fairly worn, all numbers matching except grips. There were around 3,000 made from what I've seen. What chaps me here, is that at some...
  5. New Collectors Board
    Hey everyone, just wanted your opinions on this gun.
  6. 1918-1930 DWM,Vickers,Bern
    Can anyone post pics of the serial number pages from the Parabellum book, specifically the pages relating to the first 1000 units. Also, a pic of the locking well showing where the month/year of manufacture may be found. Can't find the book anywhere ! thanks in advance Kev.
1-6 of 7 Results