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  1. 1917 / 1920 DWM Luger - need assistance

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    I acquired this 1917 /1920 luger when my father died 2 years ago. I have started some research but felt it was time to get on here and ask the folks that have much more knowledge than what I have picked up. I have included many detailed photographs in order for you all to help me in...
  2. information please

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    I sell a few firearms and I know some about many but when it comes to lugers I know nothing. A friend asked me to list his Luger on one of the auction sites or my own website. I took several pictures and of course I wanted to let the pro's tell me what they think. Any and all information would...
  3. New Collector SKIP

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    see pics SN 8864, 64 on all parts 1918 1920 barrel 3 inch
  4. LP-08 1917 / 1920 - Uncommon? Versailles accepted over 4"? - Now w/ pics

    1900-1918: Long P.08-Artillery Lugers
    Hello, Bought a DWM "m" block 1917 Artillery Luger with 1920 property mark added. Gun is all original and matching except the mag. I'll post photos soon but meanwhile I was wondering if a 1920 overstamp LP-08 retaining it's original barrel date is uncommon. I have seen ex-artillery guns...