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  1. German: Foreign Mfg. Pistols and Holsters.
    Try this again. Would appreciate any info since I focus on police and military, not so much commercial, but this really caught my eye. S/n 98051b? on slide. 8051b? on barrel and frame. E/N on barrel, slide, and frame. WaA140 on barrel, MR on barrel and frame. Triangle P thing on rear of slide...
  2. German: Foreign Mfg. Pistols and Holsters.
    So I picked up this black beauty today from my local gs for very cheap. Few hundred bucks later, and a dip into the forgotten and lonely guns case every store seems to have, I discovered this FN Browing model 1922. I was drawn to it due to the eagle/n which I’ve never seen on this gun before. I...
  3. German: Foreign Mfg. Pistols and Holsters.
    Hello, Have a 1922 pistol recently acquired from the Yugo contract guns that I bought as a mismatched pistol seeing as though the barrel has a Nazi serial and proof. Once I got it home and did some research I noted there was more than the barrel that was changed. I knew it was a Yugo right off...
  4. Allied pistols used during WW1 and WWll
    Hello all, I'd like to share with you a new pistol in my FN Browning collection. By serial number (20328) it seems to be from the early 1930's. The crest however does not fully match any of the examples from Anthony Vanderlinden's 2nd Edition FN Browning Pistols book on page 254. It comes...
  5. German: Foreign Mfg. Pistols and Holsters.
    Here's a pistol you don't see everyday. This is the second one I've had in 15 years and I'll be keeping this one!
1-5 of 5 Results