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  1. German: Foreign Mfg. Pistols and Holsters.
    Hey guys, I bought this Melior pistol while shopping around for a PP. I got it for a good price so, couldn't pass it up. After reading on the forum, I believe it's a 1920 "New Model". It's serial number 63068. It's chambered in 7.65 browning / .32 ACP. It has the belgian proof marks (Lion /...
  2. New Collectors Board
    Hello, This is my first post and hopefully someone will be able to help me out. This is a family heirloom brought back from WWII by my wife's grandfather. I have researched the serial number as much as I can, but haven't been able to track it down to any production date, or how rare it is. The...
1-2 of 3 Results