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american eagle

  1. 1906 American Eagle 9mm with Strange modification - Is this common?

    New Collectors Board
    Hi guys, back with another one from the collection that won't be as romantic as the navy that was recently discussed, but I have a 1906 DWM American Eagle 9mm. Fairly worn, all numbers matching except grips. There were around 3,000 made from what I've seen. What chaps me here, is that at some...
  2. 1900 American Eagle

    1900-1918 DWM
    I would like to share a mid production 1900 American Eagle, 7.65 mm, all matching, original finish, about 90% blue, 40% straw, Germany marked receiver, plain magazine bottom, nice shiny bore. Some mottling of the blue on the front grip strap, otherwise very clean. Estimated production late 1901...
  3. American Eagle Luger, no “GERMANY” marking

    New Collectors Board
    This is my first post to this forum. I’m relatively new to collecting Lugers. I’d like to know general impressions regarding the Luger in the pictures. While it is not an army test Luger... I’ve read all the controversy... it is still a “for non-export” AE Luger. What’s the latest on these AE...
  4. WTS: Luger collection II

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    Most/all of you have seen my posting of: "WTS: Luger Collection". As stated previously, I am selling my father's collection as he passed away last year. I wanted to start a new thread with a couple new guns along with a few guns I'd posted previously, but with new/lower prices. I have...
  5. Find out about Lugers

    New Collectors Board
    New to the boards and apoligize if I am posting this incorrectly. I recently purchased a collection of guns including several Lugers. I want to (kind of need) to sell a couple to be able to keep the rest. I am a novice (or worse) when it comes to Lugers. The three I am willing to part with are a...
  6. Trying To Value .30 American Eagle Luger

    New Collectors Board
    Hello, I inherited a .30 American Eagle Luger and am trying to place an approximate value on it. The serial is 34574 and as you can see from the pictures, there aren't many markings on it, it has some pitting and rust on the barrel and elsewhere, doesn't appear to have ever been refinished...
  7. Four new lugers, looking for help

    New Collectors Board
    At a recent estate sale, I purchased four lugers. My intention is to sell them, but I have little experience with lugers. Any specific information on price or origin would be most appreciated. The lugers are: 1917 DWM artillery with matching serials on everything but the spare magazine 1916 DWM...
  8. WTB 1902 American Eagle or 1906 Swiss Holster

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    WTB 1902 American Eagle or 1906 Swiss Holster. I have hd these gun for quite some time now. I've looked unsuccessfully for years for a holster for either one or both. If you have one available for either one please e-mail me ([email protected]). Both guns are at least 97%.