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  1. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I was just waiting for the market to go down and its just taking too long. I guess it might not ever go down at least for the grips. So I am thinking about getting some nice reproduction ones. I want them to be made of bakelite and of course look good. They need to have a pretty good fitment so...
  2. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I have a BYF 42 35xx Luger. It came with black plastic grips when I bought it. They were unfortunately fakes but I knew that going into it. I ended up buying some really nice original wood grips that are correct for it. They look great and feel good, but I still would like some nice black...
  3. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I do not have these, I am thinking about purchasing them and obviously cannot do the hot pin test on them yet. But based on what they look like, do they look correct?
  4. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hello from Austria, I really need your help :) I bought a Black Widow, byf41. All parts a matching. The gun has usually wear on edges etc. But there is something on the finish, I dont know exactly what it is. This „rough finish“ is only under the grips and under the side plate. Maybe you...
  5. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I just want to know what people think are the best reproductions for the ww2 black Bakelite Luger grips or “black widow” grips if you will. The ones on legacy collectibles look nice but pretty expensive. I want ones that are actually made of Bakelite.
  6. New Collectors Board
    Is the only difference the grips? I was looking at getting a black widow but if grips only difference then not worth the premium. Thank you
  7. New Collectors Board
    Hello. I know impossible to say without pictures, but trying to get a general idea on a WW2 black widow with all numbers match, 1 mag and in fair condition (shows moderate wear with 50% blue and normal age & use). I was going to buy it for $1750. Is that fair price or am I over/paying? Thank...
  8. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hi, Been a long time lurker, but I can't seem to find the info I want. I have a BYF42, with a gray finish, And a blued mismatched toggle, And a new no number, blued, 6 inch barrel. I got it for $600, so don't feel too sad. My question is, what the heck is the gray finish? I want to...
  9. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Am looking to buy a byf 41 Luger and was told the mags looked fake. Just wanted a second opinion. I've included the two mags and the gun in the pics. Thx! -Brian
  10. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hi forum members, I have question about value for very interesting Luger. I know gentleman here in metro that has BYF 41 Luger military police conversion with the added sear safety as shown in Jan Stills book on page 109 I think. Not the gun pictured, just one like it. It has authentic...
  11. 1933-1945: Luger Holsters -Magazines
    I know this is a long shot but I couldn't hurt to try! It is a black widow luger, if you have it just tell me and we can work something out thanks!
1-11 of 19 Results