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    Welcome, All books are in great conditions just some signs of natural use. Available shipping from Nov. 22 1.- HANDGUNS OF THE WORLD $ 79 USD (ON HOLD) 2.- AUTOMATIC PISTOLS *****SOLD****** 3.- 1900 US LUGER TRIALS *******SOLD****** Note: All Books are OBO available and plus shipment fee...
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    CANCEL; Hi, I have interest in purchasing the three volumes of James L. Rankin's books on Walther handguns. All help would be appreciated. Thank you. Frank Gassett [email protected]
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    This listing was posted earlier on Luger Forum. Back in 2006 I joined Lugerforum. I got hooked and bought two pistols (a 1917 Erfurt and a 1923 re-barreled DWM commercial shooter) from Hugh Clark in 2006 and 2007. Many times over the years, my son and I have enjoyed shooting the DWM. A few...