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byf 41

  1. Need help finding value for 41 byf Luger

    1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hello collectors, my grandfather has asked me to sell his luger taken home from the war by his Brother. I have read some of the stickies and the serial number seems out of place from what I have learned so far. I will list all the markings and can upload photos later if needed. This weapon has...
  2. Need luger 8598 mag for byf 41

    1933-1945: Luger Holsters -Magazines
    I know this is a long shot but I couldn't hurt to try! It is a black widow luger, if you have it just tell me and we can work something out thanks!
  3. Byf 41 luger

    New Collectors Board
    Hey guys, I could use a little help. Trying to establish a value of this 41 BYF Luger. The owner states that it was acquired through an import company some years ago. She was kind enough to let me take some pictures of it to help with researching what she has. All numbers on the outside...
  4. Inherited byf 41 P.08 Luger - New Collector?

    New Collectors Board
    I inherited a small gun collection because I'm a sometime shooter. The collection includes a Luger for which I've (hopefully) provided properly downsized photos below. I've done some research on this site over the past day or two (with a broad flourish of the hat to Ed Tinker!) but I still...