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  1. Anyone have BYF Luger available?

    Want to Buy Trader
    Looking for decent BYF for a gift. My budget is $1250 but can go higher for right item. Please let me know thank you
  2. WW2 BYF Luger P08... Anyone have a number matching for sale?

    Want to Buy Trader
    Looking for a WW2 BYF number matching (mag doesn’t have to match).
  3. I am looking to buy a black widow. Anyone have?

    Want to Buy Trader
    Looking for all matching numbers. Magazines would be nice but not a deal breaker. Anyone have?
  4. First Luger: 1941 byf (full of questions for the experts)

    New Collectors Board
    Hello experts, I picked up this pistol on a bit of a spur of the moment decision. From what I've seen so far, from the outside all the numbers match (except there is no number on the sear bar). After doing some research, I noticed that a 41 Luger with the 135 mark is a bit uncommon so that's a...
  5. WTB: Nazi era Luger

    Want to Buy Trader
    Referred here from the k98 forum. Looking for an all matching (including the magazine) Nazi era Luger. Not looking to spend over $2700 for one. Holster not needed right now, I can get a nice one later but would be a plus if included. A preferred code date combo would be a 1940 42 code to match...
  6. WTB: 1941 Luger Sideplate #25

    Want to Buy Trader
    I have Sideplate #82 for possible trade.
  7. The not so Persian Luger

    New Collectors Board
    Dear all, I was hoping to use your collective wisdoms to help identify a Luger P.08 which we have found amongst my late grandfather’s stuff. My Grandfather was born in Ahar- Iran (1920) and moved to Tehran at some point in the late 1970’s before the revolution in Iran. Nobody in the family had...
  8. WTS 1941 German P.08 9mm Luger all matching serial with matching mag+non-matching mag+German made holster

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    WTS 1941 German P.08 9mm Luger all matching serial numbers -all original with matching magazine - non-matching magazine- and German made holster. This was brought back from WWII by my step-father who was 94 and passed in 2015. These are a few of the pics. Have more pics if requested. I...
  9. Odd BYF 42 Proof Mark

    1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I acquired this BYF 1942 model and it has an unusual proof mark on the side of the barrel extension. I have been unable to find any info on it. The gun has obviously been re-finished. I took it apart and all of the numbers match, except for the grips. Is this some sort of arsenal rebuild mark...
  10. JLN 1942 Holster in Question?

    1933-1945: Luger Holsters -Magazines
    Hi all, I would like to see if anyone has seen enough of these to let me know if this item is authentic or a reproduction. It came with a 1942 luger so I naturally assumed that it was issued with the pistol. Let me know your thoughts and I can provide additional pictures if needed
  11. Luger identification, with pics

    New Collectors Board
    Hi! I've obtained a restricted (plumbed, not functioning) Luger. I'm not really sure how to identify it, so it would be great to get some help :) I think it is put together from two different lugers, since the numbers aren't matching. its 6639, and 09. It says byf on the top, and 1920 (which is...