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  1. Want to Buy Trader
    WTB, A pair of wood grips for a 1930's Colt 1911a1 Army in as good of a condition as possible. Am also seeking a Colt barrel with a small "G" for the same era as mentioned. Please call @ 478-472-8894 or email [email protected] Thanks so much. Frank Gassett
  2. Allied pistols used during WW1 and WWll
    I am wondering if 1911 contract, two tone mags with a letter stamped on the toe were used on Colt produced pistols as original equipment. Please elaborate. Thank You. Frank
  3. Want to Buy Trader
    WTB- A pair of pre-ww2 wooden Colt 1911A1 grips (without large diamonds) full checkered 28 +/- 1 between screw holes. Thanks. Frank 478-472-8894
  4. Want to Buy Trader
    WTB, Colt 1911A1 manufactured in 1940 in as near excellent condition as possible. Must be 100% correct. Please send PM if you have one or know of one. Thank you. Frank
  5. Want to Buy Trader
    Delete WTB ; A set of grip screws for a ww2 blued Colt 1911A1. I will take less than a set also. Thank you. Frank [email protected]
  6. Want to Buy Trader
    WTB Colt 1911A1 Barrel in collector grade w/small "G" fwd of link on bottom. Thank you. Frank Gassett. [email protected]
  7. Want to Buy Trader
    I'm interested in purchasing a collectible grade, transition model Colt 1911. Please advise by PM, email or phone Thank you. Frank Gassett 478-472-8894 [email protected]
  8. Allied pistols used during WW1 and WWll
    What features determine a Colt 1911A1 unmarked magazine from a post war Colt unmarked mag? I've seen a number for sale described as ww2 mags. Did post war mags have a pinned base as the ww2 models? What is the best source of information for Colt magazines? Thank you. Frank
  9. Want to Buy Trader
    Am looking for an early 1941 Colt 1911A1 to purchase for my collection, in collectible condition. I would appreciate any help. E-mail at: [email protected] or pm. Thank you. Frank Gassett
  10. Want to Buy Trader
    I am looking to buy a Colt barrel for a 1942 1911A1 in very good, serviceable condition. Barrel should be marked on the left with "Colt 45 Auto" below the lug. A "P" marked on the lug's left side and a "G" just forward of the lug. It should be blued and with at least 90% plus finish remaining...
  11. Want to Buy Trader
    Hi I'm looking to buy Charles Clawson's book "Colt .45 Service Pistols" at a realistic price. Yes, there are several on E-Bay and Amazon but I still have some mental stability. If you have one in useable condition please give me a shout. Thanks for looking Frank Gassett
  12. Allied pistols used during WW1 and WWll
    These came from from a military warehouse that still keeps WW2 ammunition. I have never come across wooden Colt grips before (as you probably understand, Colts are not very popular in this part of the world). Can anyone share some information on the model of these grips, when approximately they...
  13. Allied pistols used during WW1 and WWll
    I need to chase threads on a 1911 grip bushings. The screws appear to be #8 but the threads per inch is the mystery. Will someone please advise. Thanks very much. Frank
  14. Want to Buy Trader
    Am looking for an early Colt 1911A1 from the Transitional model to early 1940 in correct collector condition. Please pm, e-mail or call before 9:30 pm Eastern. Thanks. Frank Gassett 478-472-8894 [email protected]
  15. Want to Sell Trader Board
    I have a number of items that I will be selling. This is a 7 round magazine for a 1903 Colt 32 cal. Marked on the base "CAL .32, COLT" $100