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  1. DWM Commercial Luger Help

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    I have come across this Luger, and was wondering if the group here could provide some help with additional information and a general idea of the value. My understanding is that it is a DWM 1920's era in "shooter luger" condition. The toggle, hold open, and the grips do not match (grips do not...
  2. P06 Commercial Navy Luger BUG markings on Barrel

    New Collectors Board
    G'day Guys, This my first Luger - It is a Commercial Navy 1906 (6inch barrel, Grip safety, BUG marking, Safe in UP postion) It has the Geiherst on the bottom which is covered in the photos I used the online PDF doc to workout the markings...
  3. For Sale 1913 DWM Rare Commercial Luger

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    This Luger falls within the serial number range 71,000 to 72,000. It is a very rare Luger as well as a special order Luger as evident of the Stock Lug only available on that model range for special orders only, making this particular gun extremely rare. This gun is believed to be 1 of 6 made...