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  1. FN Browning Model 1922 Commercial "b" Suffix? Any Info Please

    German: Foreign Mfg. Pistols and Holsters.
    So I picked up this black beauty today from my local gs for very cheap. Few hundred bucks later, and a dip into the forgotten and lonely guns case every store seems to have, I discovered this FN Browing model 1922. I was drawn to it due to the eagle/n which I’ve never seen on this gun before. I...
  2. 1921 Single date stamp, two digit serial #.

    1920-1933: DWM Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hey guys, unfortunately this may be my first and last posting here. I have loved Lugers since my childhood, they're one of the most aesthetically pleasing, and beautifully functioning handguns I've ever laid eyes on. I recently was able to acquire one (at much financial disregard I might add)...
  3. 1906 Navy Commercial Luger

    New Collectors Board
    Hey everyone, just wanted your opinions on this gun.
  4. History behind this p08 commercial?

    New Collectors Board
    This was my first Luger. Just a refurb, mismatched shooter, but I would be interested in knowing the likely history behind it. All parts are either 56688 or 88 except the firing pin and breech block are 00. The top back of the receiver has a 1. It has a c/n proof on the barrel and a lazy c/n...
  5. Is this a DWM Commercial 1906 Luger? Please advise if collectable, or should be used as a shooter!

    New Collectors Board
    The history of this Luger is that my father acquired it sometime between 1954 and 1959. I seem to recall that he acquired it from his uncle, who served in Europe during WWII and that this was a battlefield souvenir. My father has had it all this time in a closed gun case. It has not been fired...
  6. Artillery luger possibly commercial -no date- identification- answers please?

    1900-1918: Long P.08-Artillery Lugers
    I have been offered this seeming artillery luger but unlike other lugers i have owned in the past.I cannot identify the acceptance stamp marks.The serial numbers all match except the magazine.There is not a stamped date on the reciever. I hope the photographs help.the enhanced photo's show...
  7. WTB: Mauser Banner Commercial

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    Want to Buy Mauser Banner Commercial Luger, Crown/U proof. Low condition, reblued, or restored, but with matching numbers. Preferably dated 1940, 1941, or 1942. Thanks, Ray
  8. Green as grass about Luger ID Any help

    New Collectors Board
    My dad passed away 10 years ago and had a Luger in his closet. It was from a great uncle who was a paratroop in France WWII. It has Germany stamped on the right side above the trigger centerline of the barrel. It is a .30 cal luger. The s/n is 7519 underside of the barrel. A crown with an N...