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  1. DWM Commercial Luger Help

    New Collectors Board
    I have come across this Luger, and was wondering if the group here could provide some help with additional information and a general idea of the value. My understanding is that it is a DWM 1920's era in "shooter luger" condition. The toggle, hold open, and the grips do not match (grips do not...
  2. help ID DWM Luger

    New Collectors Board
    I have a Luger I inherited from my grandmother. I know it is DWM, crown N, .30 cal, has serial number 9960, with 60 on all smaller parts. I can't identify the marking under the serial number. Is it some sort of n, h, or r? I attach a few pics. Thanks in advance, Dwayne G
  3. Unmarked Mauser rework. Help me confirm

    New Collectors Board
    Hi! First off: the pictures. The only things not pictured: The damaged wooden base of the magazine is glued up pretty bad so I can't tell whether it's matching. The last two digits of the serial is stamped all over on smaller parts (so it looks all matching) though I haven't taken it apart...
  4. Could use some help, found a P08 artillery 1917 + holster in an old farm, all matching

    New Collectors Board
    Hi folks, I got a call yesterday to assist an older guy, he found several weapons in his parents farm after they passed away. So, went to there, the classic huntingrifles aside there was only one weapons of any interest. A DWM 1917 Luger Artillery. Including the holster. All visual serials...
  5. 1914 DWM - Arty (not) mismatched

    1900-1918: Long P.08-Artillery Lugers
    I bought this Arty that was advertised as a "DWM P08 Artillery Luger manufactured in 1914". Part of this is true, but what I believe I have is a 1914 Arty, manufactured by ? but not DWM based upon the Ser. # of 3098. The frame and barrel share this number. The toggle parts are 86, which, with...
  6. Need all info I can get on 1920 DWM Luger

    1920-1933: DWM Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Greetings everyone, names Terry. I am trying to gather all the info I can, caliber, history, explanations of each making, etc, on this 1920 DWM luger. All numbers match including the magazine. Odd thing is that it looks like Simpson proof marks on barrel. Please hit me with whatcha got. Trying...
  7. WTB Cannon Assembly

    Want to Buy Trader
    Re-post form the LugerForum: Looking for a nice DWM (commercial or military) or Erfurt 4 inch 9mm cannon assembly. Would also consider receivers only but I would prefer to find a completed upper assembly with the barrel, breech block, and toggle assembly installed. I need one that isn’t...
  8. 1921 Single date stamp, two digit serial #.

    1920-1933: DWM Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hey guys, unfortunately this may be my first and last posting here. I have loved Lugers since my childhood, they're one of the most aesthetically pleasing, and beautifully functioning handguns I've ever laid eyes on. I recently was able to acquire one (at much financial disregard I might add)...
  9. DWM Navy Luger

    New Collectors Board
    I recently acquired a Luger from a family member and I have been trying to determine its origin, markings etc... I have had several opinions on other boards (including "a toy gun") but have yet to come across a definitive. I purchased the Standard Catalog of Luger and still no closer to finding...
  10. 1913 DWM Luger

    New Collectors Board
    Hello, I have a 1913 DWM Luger that was passed down to me from my grandfather who fought in the European theatre of WW2. All the serial numbers match, including the magazine. I was referencing the "Standard Catalog of Luger" by Aaron Davis, to try and find out more information about this...
  11. Please help me identify this 9mm P08

    New Collectors Board
    My father acquired this P08 in 1965 from a friend in Chicago. It's prior history is unknown. Here's what I know: 9mm DWM on toggle Crown/N - indicating Commercial Sales S/N 2824 - I can't identify the "alpha" - please help There are no export markings such as "GERMANY" Strap says: "S. Sta. I...
  12. HELP - 1918 DWM P08 dont' fire

    1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers
    Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum and also with P08 pistols but since 1983 I shoot all type of hand guns, ISSF guns and specially black powder guns. Last December I saw what I thought a good deal at eGun and bought my first P08, a 1918 DWM 9mm in very good shape. The problem is that his...
  13. Luger 1917 Naval help

    1900-1918: P.04-Navy Lugers
    I think this is a Naval Luger. Can someone confirm this and also how much it might be. The Barrel is 14 cm long. Serial number 725 with 25 stamped elsewhere. no number on clip.
  14. 1917 DWM Luger help

    1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers
    Can someone help me identifying this gun from my Father and how much it might be worth and what caliber it is. DWM 1917 single date SN- 725 with 25 marking in other places. 14 cm barrel length
  15. LP-08 1917 / 1920 - Uncommon? Versailles accepted over 4"? - Now w/ pics

    1900-1918: Long P.08-Artillery Lugers
    Hello, Bought a DWM "m" block 1917 Artillery Luger with 1920 property mark added. Gun is all original and matching except the mag. I'll post photos soon but meanwhile I was wondering if a 1920 overstamp LP-08 retaining it's original barrel date is uncommon. I have seen ex-artillery guns...
  16. DWM Artillery Mecanical Problem

    1900-1918: Long P.08-Artillery Lugers
    I have a 1917 DWM Artillery with a broken pin that attaches the breech block and center toggle link. Approx. one half of pin will free fall out while the other half remains in place. Is the interference fit only between the pin and breech block ? Is clearance supposed to be between the pin and...
  17. Interesting 1940 Luger w/DWM toggle almost all #s match with HZA Inglestodt stamp

    1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hello all, this is my first post. I have been reading these posts and have been very impressed with the accumulated wisdom here and your willingness to share what you know. I have a 1940 Luger but w/DWM toggle and almost all #s matching. I know the toggle doesn't belong. Also note the small 42...
  18. DWM and Swiss 06/24 Wood Bottom Magazines, no SN's

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    The following two magazines are for sale: 1. A very nice magazine for Swiss 06/24 Lugers. These magazines are very hard to find; I got this one from Germany. The magazine is in excellent overall condition, operates smoothly and has a strong spring. The wood bottom has no serial numbers...
  19. DWM 1912-1920's Wood Bottom Magazine, no SN

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    I have a nice 1912-1920's DWM wood bottom magazine without a serial number. It operates smoothly, has an excellent condition beech wood bottom, and a good condition nickel plated tube. Some pictures are below. I want $225 for this magazine, which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping in the...
  20. WTB 1901 - 1904 DWM Magazine

    Want to Buy Trader
    I am interested in buying an un-numbered 1901 to 1904 DWM Luger Magazine in excellent condition. This magazine is distinguished by trapezoidal tube crimps, a follower slot that is 99.2 mm long and a tube tip radius of 8mm. It has, of course, a plated tube and a wooden base. I want to put this...