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  1. Sauer 38 matching holster

    1900-1918 : German (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters
    AL Senior Member Join DateOct 2005LocationRI, USA.Posts520 pics....gun is very clean almost no wear...I asked the son to check for any more mags...hope there is a matching one around....This one also has the zinc trigger...frame has 2 holes unlike my earlier one sn 374822 which has 3 (not...
  2. Luger Rig: 1939 Banner Police Eagle C with Simson Barrel Extension

    1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hello, For your review, a complete rig with a matched holster and two matched mags. The gun is a 1939 Police Banner, with the less common Eagle C proof, made early in the "W" block and re-using an E/6 Simson proofed barrel extension. The grips are unnumbered but little doubt original by fit and...