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erfurt luger

  1. Want to Buy Trader
    Recently traded for 1914 Erfurt Artillery Luger. I believe to be in about 85% condition. The serial number is 74XX. It came stock and holster. The stock is serialed numbered to the firearm. The holster is black with magazine pouch. Also 32 round drum magazine marked 32 B/n. Serial...
  2. 1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers
    I recently came into possession of a 1913 Erfurt Luger, serial number 3196. I have done some research but I am still unsure of what I have. Any help in identifing or value would be appreciated.
  3. 1900-1918: Luger Unit Markings
    Hey, just acquired an Erfurt 1918 P-08. I'm a Luger novice and am not familiar with the markings. Are they unit markings? I can post photos if someone can assist. Would love to know where it wouldve been in WW1. Thanks!
  4. Magazine & Parts Matching Forum
    If the stars shine on me I'm looking for the match to Erfurt Luger Ser. No. 6899. If not, then I WTB a high condition unmarked wood bottom WW1 era magazine. Please email me at [email protected] if anything turns up. Thanks!