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  1. Odd Finn Luger

    Finland Pistols and Holsters
    Hello, First Finn Luger, seems a little odd in some ways, please let me know you opinions. Lower half has commericial frame as expected but for some reason, they scrubbed the letter block on the frame serial number, if I'm seeing it right. All the lower half matches itself. Upper part is 1921...
  2. Finnish M23 ID help needed

    Finland Pistols and Holsters
    I needed an M23 to go with my M39 rifle. I bought this one off Gunbroker last week for $830. Maybe some of you saw it. This is my first luger so I am still learning and would appreciate any help you experts can give. I'd like to confirm that it started life as a 1920s commercial (alphabet)...
  3. WTB - Finnish Luger, 30 or Tikka 9mm

    Want to Buy Trader
    Hello Folks, I'm new to this forum. I would be in the market for a Finnish Luger. My dad had a DMW SA 7.65 I shot as a kid. Would consider a 9mm (Tikka). Regards, Tankero