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holster wanted

  1. WTB Holster for a 1923 commercial alphabet Luger

    Want to Buy Trader
    Would like a Holster for a 1923 commercial Luger. Condition is key to the deal. Thanks in advance for any reply's. Frank
  2. What is the correct hoslter to go with a 1928 Simson & Co?

    1920-1933: Luger Holsters & Other Accessories
    I have a nice early 1928 (or late 1927) Simson & Co Luger, SN 3328, and would like to buy an appropriate holster to go with it. It is Artillery School stamped "A.S.380." on the front strap and its condition is about 96%. Photos are attached. If appropriate, I would like to get a 1927 or 1928...
  3. Remington Rand 45

    Allied pistols used during WW1 and WWll
    Here is another one of my late fathers guns. This one actually came from my grandfather who served in WW2 and the Korean conflict. I assume that, based on the serial number that this was a late 1945 produced gun. Can anyone offer any additional insight about the history of this piece? I would...