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  1. Allied pistols used during WW1 and WWll
    Hi all , can anyone identify this leather holster please ? Its British and was carried by a Grenadier Guards Officer who served on the Somme, 1916. I was advised it was for a pistol stock but for which pistol ? It measures 10 1/2 inches in length , 4 1/4 ins at its widest point and 1 3/4 ins...
  2. 1920-1933: DWM Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    With a milestone birthday coming up next year, I finally stepped up for a Luger to check off my gun bucket list. For me, its the sweat spot. Nice enough example to proudly be a center stone of my collection, but not so nice that I never want to shoot it. (unless you tell me I stumbled across...
  3. 1933-1945: Luger Holsters -Magazines
    My holster (1937) does not have a clip pouch. Did they come like this or did someone remove it at some point? Thanks
  4. German: Foreign Mfg. Pistols and Holsters.
    Hello all. I need some assistance... Someone recently offered me - no photos yet - a holster for a TT-33 that he identified as "German modified." I asked what made it a German modification, and he claims that the Germans modified TT-33 holsters by removing the longer belt loops with rings, and...
  5. New Collectors Board
    Hello, First-time poster... I'm writing with a mystery. I'm trying to help a friend track down a Mauser Luger and holster that his grandfather brought back from WWII, and which he sadly pawned when he was in a hard spot back in 2011. His grandfather took it from a German officer who...
  6. German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters.
    Hi guys, I am new on this forum and would like to let you know that a project that took over 20 years, finally made it to the printer. I started this project with Orv Reichert in 1995. The idea of a new P.38 book was born. It was a bumpy road to finally get there, though I think it was...
  7. New Collectors Board
    ADMIN - SEE SECOND POSTING - IT IS THE INITIAL POSTING Hi Matt, and welcome to the forum. .. We publish a FAQ that may also be helpful to you. just search on FAQ PDF, or clock the link: http://luger.gunboards.com/showthread.php?5612-Frequently-Asked-Questions-the-Luger-FAQ Marc
  8. 1900-1918: Luger Holsters & Other Accessories
    Thanks for looking! I just picked this up at a local thriftshop where it was labeled as "ww2 german pistol holster". Can't find a holster with this particular snap botton tho, so figured I ask you guys. Do you have any idea what the make, if it was used for a mauser, and around what time these...
  9. New Collectors Board
    Dear all, I was hoping to use your collective wisdoms to help identify a Luger P.08 which we have found amongst my late grandfather’s stuff. My Grandfather was born in Ahar- Iran (1920) and moved to Tehran at some point in the late 1970’s before the revolution in Iran. Nobody in the family had...
  10. German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters.
    Picked up very nice FN 1900 with change purse holster and extra holster. Looks like Walther PP size. Made out of very soft thin leather, very lightly marked "fkx" on the back. Condition is excellent. Can anyone help me with IDing it?
  11. New Collectors Board
    Hello, I'm new to the forum and I apologize if this is the wrong area to post this. My grandfather recently passed away, and while inventorying his firearms we came across two old Lugers. We found two holsters separate from the pistols, but I think they go together. My grandfather and I were...
  12. 1900-1918: Luger Holsters & Other Accessories
    I'd be appreciative of any insights as to its origin and value. However I don't think I'll part with it any time soon. Thanks all.
  13. 1933-1945: Luger Holsters -Magazines
    Hi all, I would like to see if anyone has seen enough of these to let me know if this item is authentic or a reproduction. It came with a 1942 luger so I naturally assumed that it was issued with the pistol. Let me know your thoughts and I can provide additional pictures if needed
1-13 of 29 Results