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  1. New Collectors Board
    Hi all, so I recently inherited a luger from my grandfather and tried to research it myself but I've hit a dead end and don't know where else to go. I have realized that the barrle and side plate are matching but from a different gun, but the biggest stump to me is it doesn't have a makers stamp...
  2. New Collectors Board
    Hi, we found an old pistol in our backyard. We just bought this house in Kortrijk, Belgium. We believe it's an early version of a Melior gun, but we could use some help identifying the type and learning more about the history of it. We believe the serial number is 27774 and there's only the...
  3. New Collectors Board
    Hi all. So, I have wanted to join the Luger club since I was a little boy. Today at a gunshow I finally got one. I paid $1,600 for it. It is a mismatch, having the serial number 6596 (or 96) on the barrel and reciever, as well as some other places, but 16 in two places on the toggle, and 12 on...
  4. New Collectors Board
    Hello all! I just inherited this Luger from my grandfather who said his father brought it back from WW1. I was hoping you all could tell me a little more about it. Thanks in advance!
  5. New Collectors Board
    I just got this from a friend of the family to identify, i know its a luger but i dont know which or where it was made or when, can you guys help me figure it out??
  6. New Collectors Board
    I just acquired this Luger P08 pistol for my collection. It's a Mauser 1937 pistol with matching numbers on the frame/parts but the barrel have almost no markings. Only a number 3 (by the way there is a number 3 engraved too on the rear-right-top part of the pistol) on the top of the barrel, and...
  7. New Collectors Board
    My dad passed away 10 years ago and had a Luger in his closet. It was from a great uncle who was a paratroop in France WWII. It has Germany stamped on the right side above the trigger centerline of the barrel. It is a .30 cal luger. The s/n is 7519 underside of the barrel. A crown with an N...
1-8 of 8 Results