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  1. Luger Questions

    New Collectors Board
    Hello, my name is David and I've recently developed an interest in Lugers. Hopefully, with the help of this forum, it will blossom into a full-blown obsession. First, I'm not a gun collector and at this point in time I'm not looking to purchase anything, I'm merely looking for detailed...
  2. WTB/WTT Magazines for DWM, Simson, Krieghoff, and Mauser P08 Lugers

    Want to Buy Trader
    I want to buy the following magazines with the serial numbers shown or, being realistic, within a few 100 of the numbers shown. The more digits that match, the better. If the serial number shown includes a letter, then I want that specific letter. Also, spares (stamped with a "+") are fine...
  3. WTT - Krieghoff magazine #1320 + for another Krieghoff magazine closer to my own gun's SN

    Magazine & Parts Matching Forum
    WTT - I want to trade a Krieghoff magazine I currently own, spare magazine serial number (SN) 1320 +, for a Krieghoff magazine with a SN closer to that of a 1940 Krieghoff Luger I own, SN 10358. I would be interested in those magazines with SN's between 10238 and 10458. I would only consider...
  4. 1941 Krieghoff Luger Date

    1933-1945: Krieghoff Lugers. Luftwaffe
    Show and tell time, 1941 Krieghoff serial number 11655, description I give and will be referencing to Randall Gibson book on Krieghoff Luger's. Please see page 178 and 179 of his book some of the outstanding features of this Luger are as follows, Toggle logo is classified C-3, extractor die type...