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    Hello everybody I'm selling 2 pieces original German leather holster for Walther PP / PPK (perhaps Mauser HSc) Both holsters are in very good condition (soft leather, stitching intact, functional carabiner). Holster with the number 1 has the owner's name - Wiesser Siegfried. Price - $ 60...
  2. Want to Sell Trader Board
    WTS\WTT soft shell P38 holster, cxb 4 marked. cxb = Joseph Moll, Lederwarenfabrik, Goch,Nordrhein-Westfalen. 4 = Year of production, 1944. Excellent, unused condition. Leather is soft, as it should be, has no cracks. Price -SPF. It will be intresting to me to trade holsters to german ww2...