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  1. WTB: Snail Drum Loading Tool

    Want to Buy Trader
    Hello Gentlemen I am looking for an affordable good condition Original or vg repro LP08/MP18 Loading tool. Would anyone in the forum have one or know of one for sale? Best regards Charles M.R.
  2. Needing some help identifying Luger gun parts

    New Collectors Board
    I recently picked up some Luger and other pistol parts at a local auction. I need some help finding information, value, or any interest that there may be in any of them. I tried doing some research on them but I am no expert. I apologize for the pictures being out of order. #1 Luger barrel...
  3. WW1 Luger snail drum & loading tool

    New Collectors Board
    I need an original WW1 loading tool to go with my 2nd (or 3rd) generation artillery luger snail drum. Do all of the luger snail drum loading tools fit all three generations of the snail drum? Thanks