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  1. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    If anyone has this book, I had a huge request please. On page 772 luger 1098x is supposed to be featured. I sadly don't have this set yet, so was hoping someone who did would be able to confirm or deny it for me. Thanks!
  2. 1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers
    Hello my friends; I bought this place, and I would like to know if you can help me with more information; eifurt 1918; would you be a police officer? has an interesting brand: rg; yes some pieces are missing; were these weapons used in ww2? or only in ww1? does anyone have one like it...
  3. 1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers
    My father in law was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been going through a lot of old things and is starting to pass them down. He recently asked me to see what type of information I could find about what I believe is a 1917 DWM Luger. It was passed down to him from his uncle many years...
  4. New Collectors Board
    I bought a Luger a few weeks back, and did some very hasty research but couldn't find answers to some of the mysteries I still have. It wasn't too expensive and I was afraid it'd go. The barrel isn't marked for any SN, but it is for caliber. The sear cover's SN is VERY faded, so I'm thinking...
  5. New Collectors Board
    Is the only difference the grips? I was looking at getting a black widow but if grips only difference then not worth the premium. Thank you
  6. New Collectors Board
    Hello. I know impossible to say without pictures, but trying to get a general idea on a WW2 black widow with all numbers match, 1 mag and in fair condition (shows moderate wear with 50% blue and normal age & use). I was going to buy it for $1750. Is that fair price or am I over/paying? Thank...
  7. New Collectors Board
    Hi All, Most of you will remember my issue posted here: https://luger.gunboards.com/showthread.php?117549-First-Luger-Did-i-get-a-good-deal-on-this-WW1-WW2-era-Artillery-Luger/page4& The short of it is i'm still trying to work with Crosier to give me a refund. As the grip arrived damaged he's...
  8. New Collectors Board
    Hello, I am new to this forum, and to Luger forums, but I have known this gun for most of my life, as it was my grandfathers. He brought it back from WWII, specifically from the Battle of the Bulge. I am trying to learn more about it, and wanted some opinions and advice from seasoned...
  9. New Collectors Board
    I’ve owned shooter P.08’s in the past, but I’m considering dipping my toes back in to the Luger game with some of the recent Swiss imports. I’ve got my eye on a 1927 ‘06 Bern listed on Edelweiss Arms for about $1500. Comes with one mag. From what I can tell it’s all original as advertised, and...
  10. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    https://www.gunbroker.com/item/829242344 I recently bought this gun and am wondering if I got a good/reasonable deal on it. I saw other all matching "nazi" Lugers on GunBroker sell for $2500+. The magazine possibly does not match, how much would that effect its price? Any...
  11. New Collectors Board
    Hi! First off: the pictures. The only things not pictured: The damaged wooden base of the magazine is glued up pretty bad so I can't tell whether it's matching. The last two digits of the serial is stamped all over on smaller parts (so it looks all matching) though I haven't taken it apart...
  12. New Collectors Board
    Recently came into possession of a Luger SN N 8595. there is a mfr. stamp is Toggle I believe but really nothing else. Any info would be appreciated.
  13. New Collectors Board
    I have a co-worker who inherited a 1938 S/42 Luger from his father in law. Unfortunately, he does not know anything about its provenance. He has been selling off some of the other guns he inherited and was wondering if I was interested in buying this Luger as well. Unfortunately, I have not...
  14. 1900-1918: Long P.08-Artillery Lugers
    Hi folks, I got a call yesterday to assist an older guy, he found several weapons in his parents farm after they passed away. So, went to there, the classic huntingrifles aside there was only one weapons of any interest. A DWM 1917 Luger Artillery. Including the holster. All visual serials...
  15. New Collectors Board
    Does anyone know the correct stamping for a tool to match a 1937 S/42? Thank you.. the people on here have been amazingly helpful
  16. 1933-1945: Luger Holsters -Magazines
    My holster (1937) does not have a clip pouch. Did they come like this or did someone remove it at some point? Thanks
  17. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Looking for Mauser aluminum magazine with 4778 serial. I know a long shot....
  18. New Collectors Board
    Did the S/42 come with the FXO with black bottom? Also, there is a 4 digit number on bottom of mag that doesn’t match gun. Is that supposed to match? Thank you very much
1-20 of 92 Results