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    My family has recently discovered my Grandfathers Luger that we believe he acquired during his service in WWII. Some background on him in case it is helpful: He was stationed on the USS Franklin or CV-13 and was assigned to bombing squadron 13 as a gunner on an SB2C-3 Helldiver. He was on the...
  2. New Collectors Board
    Good afternoon everyone, First Luger purchase here. Please feel free to comment and/or identify the markings. Does the bluing look original? All the numbers are matching, except the grips are aftermarket. I was able to track down an original pair of grips from the same year, they should...
  3. 1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers
    This is my first collectable compared to my alphabet soup shooter- it is not pristine but in the sense that everything internal/external matches except the magazine and it looks nice and original (from what I can tell). It has DWM on the toggle, 1916 on the chamber, crown H,S,S and military...
  4. New Collectors Board
    Hey all, I posted directly to the 1900-1918: German (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters board figuring it was probably the most applicable place for my thread, but didn't think to cross post with the New Collector's board... Here's my post, hopefully someone can help! :D
  5. 1900-1918 : German (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters
    Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster... Long story short, I picked this gun up from the dad of an ex-girlfriend this summer in pretty rough shape, but the price he asked was a no-brainer so I jumped on it... (for those who might ask, $40) The pictures truly speak to the condition it...
  6. New Collectors Board
    I am new to the Luger Forum. I have two Lugers in my collection - a spotty black widow and a 38 S/42 Rig. I am looking a purchasing a 1936 S/42 from Canada. This gun will have an import stamp discretely placed inside the stock lug groove. This Luger:confused: gun seems to be in great shape and...
1-7 of 7 Results