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  1. New Collectors Board
    Good afternoon everyone, First Luger purchase here. Please feel free to comment and/or identify the markings. Does the bluing look original? All the numbers are matching, except the grips are aftermarket. I was able to track down an original pair of grips from the same year, they should...
  2. 1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers
    This is my first collectable compared to my alphabet soup shooter- it is not pristine but in the sense that everything internal/external matches except the magazine and it looks nice and original (from what I can tell). It has DWM on the toggle, 1916 on the chamber, crown H,S,S and military...
  3. New Collectors Board
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me identify when and where this gun was made. I was given a .30 cal Luger from my Uncle's estate. DWM stamped on top tang, Serial Number 4145 stamped on front of frame and bottom of barrel, along with corresponding "45" stamped on two other visible...
1-3 of 3 Results