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  1. 1918-1930 DWM,Vickers,Bern
    I have this P-08 barrel left over from a box of parts that I acquired. I'm looking for help in better identifying its DOM etc. I'm not sure what the script letter is either. You guys are awesome and I thank you in advance for your assistance.
  2. Want to Sell Trader Board
    1917 Erfurt #9985 All visible numbers match (85) except the extractor which is 73 and magazine base which is 5414. I purchased the gun from an estate several years ago (my first Luger). I fired less than 50 rounds through it and it functioned perfectly. I then cleaned it and oiled it and it...
  3. New Collectors Board
    Hi, This holster came with a 1940 P-08 pistol, but obviously it is not correct for that gun. I looked on the internet and can't seem to find what this is. I looked for stampings or markings, but the only thing I found was that someone scratched 1941 into the leather under the flap. Beneath that...
  4. New Collectors Board
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have a Luger P-08 I'm trying to figure out when it was made. The serial number is 7490 and 90 is stamped on the other parts. There is no date stamped on it. It's a DWM model with a 150mm barrel. It's in excellend condition and works perfectly. It does have the crown...