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  1. Austrian Contract C-96 Unit Markings and some other questions

    New Collectors Board
    I am new to this board. The collective expertise is impressive!! I just bought an all-matching C-96 Austrian contract. The seller told me the late Joe Schroeder owned and only parted with it when he found a 97% example. I would like some help please with a few questions: 1) can anyone help...
  2. I need a Disconnector for a 1914 Mauser .32/7.65

    1900-1918 : German (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters
    Hi there, I just bought a Mauser 1914 Police marked pistol but it is missing the disconnector. That would be part #22 on the Numrich schematic. I checked with Numrich and Jack First but no dice. Nothing on eBay or Gun Broker. This is the small flat odd shaped piece that lies under the side...
  3. Help with Mannlicher M1905 dimensions

    1900-1918 : Austria-Hungary Pistols & Holsters
    Hey all! I'm sure some of you saw my post over in the want to buy looking for a safety and a magazine follower for an Argentine 1905 Mannlicher pistol. Well when I went to pop the old girl back together the main spring broke, which is pretty standard from what I've seen. I intend to get a copy...
  4. WTB P-08 Front Sight (common)

    Want to Buy Trader
    I'm looking for a replacement front sight. Seems to be a very scarce part to find. Any suggestions on this are appreciated. Thanks
  5. Dressing up my shooter

    New Collectors Board
    Just wanted to show you my dressed up shooter. I've attached picture of it below before and after I re-strawed it. The gun was re-blued before I bought it. I removed the small parts and boiled them is soapy water, then cleaned them with Acetone. I treated them (except the ejector) with...
  6. SOLD - WWII era 1911 "S P" Springfield Armory .45 ACP barrel

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    I have a number of items that I will be selling. This listing is for a old WWII era 1911 barrel. The barrel is used, and has some wear. Marked on the lug "S P". There are no other marking that I see. There is some pitting on the left side by the ribs, and another spot by the end of the...
  7. SOLD - 1903 Colt 32 cal magazine

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    I have a number of items that I will be selling. This is a 7 round magazine for a 1903 Colt 32 cal. Marked on the base "CAL .32, COLT" $100
  8. PAS M38/A42 Beretta M38 9mm SMG 40 round magazine

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    This is one of a number of items that I'm going to be selling. This is a 40 round magazine for the Berreta M-38 SMG. It is in good functioning condition. There is some light surface rust on the right side. No major dents or dings that I see. It is marked on the bottom of the left side...
  9. Wwi luger trommel snail drum loader ladegerat charging device

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    I have for sale is a WWI trommel/snail drum loader. Everything seems to be in order and functions as it should. There is some wear from many years of storage. It does have one small spot of surface rust on the left side at the bottom/center. It is marked on the left side with the Crown over...
  10. Norwegian spare parts list for P08 from 1953

    Norwegian Lugers and holsters, 1945-1999
    Dear all, I acquired this document for my collection. It is a Norwegian list from 1953 with the order numbers for P08 parts. Personally, I always thought that the norwegians were not able to obtain spare parts and that they had to cannibalize broken guns to obtain the necessary parts...