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  1. Need help identifying an Ehrenpreis PPK (gold, engraved) for a local chap

    German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters.
    Here's what I think I know: according to my research, it was made in 1935 (s/n 9016XX); it was acquired by a local gentleman's father, a US soldier in Germany after the surrender, but the current whereabouts of the capture papers are unknown; it originally had 3 silver rounds with it, but these...
  2. Earliest 60 Degree Safety on a Walther PPK

    German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters.
    I own 858,791 Walther PPK with a 60 degree safety. Marschall lists the earliest 60 degree lever at 855,000 (1935). Does anyone have an example closer to 855,000, or earlier? If so, what is the serial number?
  3. 1934 Walther "S" Marks on RZM's and PP

    German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters.
    I own two Walther PPK RZM's made in 1934 [822,300, 824,989]. Each has an "S" stamped into the tang well floor directly under the hammer (see attached). The font is a serif style with a somewhat compressed upper loop perhaps typical of German "Schwabacher" font originating in Franconia (upper...
  4. Walther PPK RZM Tang Well Markings

    German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters.
    I am researching tang well markings in Walther PPK/RZM's, particularly in the 820,00-845,000 range. If you own RZM's please examine the area below and behind the hammer on the tang well surface for markings. If you discover one I'd appreciate getting a description along with the serial number...
  5. Question about ppk rear sights

    German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters.
    This is my first post. I have these two late war Walter ppk pistols. See pics. Both are "k" block pistols. The rear sight on SN 367,xxx k is part of the slide. The rear sight on SN 405,xxx k is in a dovetail and could be adjusted if necessary. What is the reason for the difference?
  6. Party Leader Grip Construction

    German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters.
    I am curious as to the proper construction of party leader grips. One can compare them wih photos in reference to the exterior of the grips, but I have not been able to find any photos of the construction of the inside of the grips. How would I evaluate a set to determine originality? Any help...