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  1. New Collectors Board
    I have a co-worker who inherited a 1938 S/42 Luger from his father in law. Unfortunately, he does not know anything about its provenance. He has been selling off some of the other guns he inherited and was wondering if I was interested in buying this Luger as well. Unfortunately, I have not...
  2. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Looking for Mauser aluminum magazine with 4778 serial. I know a long shot....
  3. New Collectors Board
    Did the S/42 come with the FXO with black bottom? Also, there is a 4 digit number on bottom of mag that doesn’t match gun. Is that supposed to match? Thank you very much
  4. New Collectors Board
    S/42 1937 8174s Hump, strawed...the GESICHERT is in very faint off white color & wouldn't come out in my lighting...mags and grips do not match - - - Updated - - - No unit or other markings on straps
  5. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Hi forum members, I am considering to buy very nice 1940 Luger code "42" that has 2 matching magazines . As everybody knows those rigs are the most wanted. Everything looks good but i am not 100% positive if one of those magazines ( or 2) been re-stamped or forced to match. This is expensive...
  6. New Collectors Board
    At a recent estate sale, I purchased four lugers. My intention is to sell them, but I have little experience with lugers. Any specific information on price or origin would be most appreciated. The lugers are: 1917 DWM artillery with matching serials on everything but the spare magazine 1916 DWM...
  7. New Collectors Board
    Hello all, I am new to this forum and so far I love it, have seen quite a bit of great information...look forward to digesting more! I've recently aquired a Luger and would like to gain the input of the membership here as to it's approximate worth and correctness? It is a 1937 S/42, I have...
1-7 of 11 Results