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  1. 1900-1918: P.08-Army Lugers
    Hi all, If I am making out the script correctly, my 1916 Imperial Luger has serial number 1032d. The "d" is in tiny lowercase script under the middle of the 1032 on the front of the frame right below the barrel. I'm taking a guess at the lower case "d" as it is not struck very well and the left...
  2. West German Army Pistols & Holsters 1955-now
    Hello all! I picked up this P38 recently. I'm having a very hard time finding out any info on it. There is no date on the right side of the slide. W 9.73 is by the trigger guard. (I believe this to be a repair date, sept. 1973?) All serial numbers match on the barrel, slide, and frame. Could...
1-3 of 3 Results