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  1. German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters.
    Hello, I recently purchased a Walther mod hp swedish contract (second contract). The hammer release was broken off, and only the lower part with the hole was still attached with the hammer pin. I'm in search of finding the correct hammer release. The ones they have at numerich and cdnn won't...
  2. Finland Pistols and Holsters
    I have a Swedish m/40 (Lahti) pistol with "D" prefixed serial number. I keep reading confusing discussions about the different slide variations. Does anyone here know which slide variation was on the Danish Lahtis? It has inspection mark Crown over “HV” which means “Haerens Vapenarsenal." O...
  3. Allied pistols used during WW1 and WWll
    Hello all, I purchased an FN 1903 Magazine recently and noticed there was a single number stamped on the toe. Does anyone know why this is done or what meaning it holds to the pistol? Thank you, Andrew
1-3 of 3 Results