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  1. Swiss Luger grips for sale

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    I got these grips among a bunch of Luger parts that I purchased. I know they didnt look like my other Luger grips. I did some digging and these are Swiss Luger grips and dont fit anything that I have. I would rather see them go to someone that needs them than have them collect dust. These are...
  2. Current crop of Swiss Lugers - Worth starting with?

    New Collectors Board
    I’ve owned shooter P.08’s in the past, but I’m considering dipping my toes back in to the Luger game with some of the recent Swiss imports. I’ve got my eye on a 1927 ‘06 Bern listed on Edelweiss Arms for about $1500. Comes with one mag. From what I can tell it’s all original as advertised, and...
  3. WTT, WTB, WTS DWM, Erfurt, Swiss, Simson, and Mauser Magazines

    Magazine & Parts Matching Forum
    I have the following Simson magazines available for trade (or will sell if it matches a Luger you own): SN 2877, with 2 ea DE/2 stamps on the top and bottom of the base as well as the back bottom of the tube. SN 3317, with 2 ea DE/2 stamps on the top and bottom of the base as well as the back...
  4. Swiss Luger Serial no.check

    1918-1930 DWM,Vickers,Bern
    Can anyone post pics of the serial number pages from the Parabellum book, specifically the pages relating to the first 1000 units. Also, a pic of the locking well showing where the month/year of manufacture may be found. Can't find the book anywhere ! thanks in advance Kev.
  5. Just bought a Swiss luger made in Bern

    Allied pistols used during WW1 and WWll
    the serial number is #10295, can anyone tell me which year it was made? I've been looking in a lot of places and can't find an answer. any help will be much appreciated.
  6. DWM and Swiss 06/24 Wood Bottom Magazines, no SN's

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    The following two magazines are for sale: 1. A very nice magazine for Swiss 06/24 Lugers. These magazines are very hard to find; I got this one from Germany. The magazine is in excellent overall condition, operates smoothly and has a strong spring. The wood bottom has no serial numbers...
  7. Simson, Mauser, and Swiss 06/24 Magazines For Sale

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    I have the following Luger magazines I would like to sell: The Simson SN 1355+ magazine has been sold. Both Mauser magazines have been sold. 1 ea. magazine for 06/24 Swiss Lugers (very hard to find): No SN, wood base and plated tube with no markings. Price is $210. All my magazines are in...
  8. Luger Magazines for SIMSON, ERFURT, MAUSER, and SWISS LUGERS

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    I have the following Luger magazines for sale... 2 ea. for Simson Lugers: SNs 1355+ and 1592. All have DE/6's at both the top and bottom of their aluminum bases as well as on the plated tube near the base. Prices are $325 each. 2 ea. for 1940 to 1942 Mausers Lugers: SNs 8775h+ and 9957i+...
  9. WTB WTT Magazine for 06/24 Swiss Bern

    Want to Buy Trader
    I would like to buy a magazine for my 06/24 Swiss Bern luger. My Gun is in 99% condition and I would like to have a magazine in comparable condition. If you are not interested in selling -but are interested in trading- I have the following magazines to offer to trade up/down for your Swiss...
  10. WTB 1902 American Eagle or 1906 Swiss Holster

    Want to Sell Trader Board
    WTB 1902 American Eagle or 1906 Swiss Holster. I have hd these gun for quite some time now. I've looked unsuccessfully for years for a holster for either one or both. If you have one available for either one please e-mail me ([email protected]). Both guns are at least 97%.