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  1. Want to Buy Trader
    Hi, I’m looking for an authentic, period correct set of grips for my all Matching 1938 S/42. Numbered 28 would be fantastic. Will definitely consider others too. Thanks in advance to those interested! CJ
  2. Want to Buy Trader
    Hey guys, hoping someone was ready to clean out the sock drawer or get to the bottom of their safe. I'm looking for a shooter grade Luger. Had one but traded for a k98. It can be a East German rework or just a total Mixmaster. Reblued or crappy grips is not a problem. Please PM me if you have...
  3. Want to Buy Trader
    In need of a decent frame, finish not important. Thank you.
  4. Want to Buy Trader
    Am looking for an early Colt 1911A1 from the Transitional model to early 1940 in correct collector condition. Please pm, e-mail or call before 9:30 pm Eastern. Thanks. Frank Gassett 478-472-8894 [email protected]
  5. Want to Buy Trader
    I know what I'm up against here but let's see what happens.... I'm looking for a mint set of Ia marked original Sauer 38H grips for a serial 461005. Please PM. Jeremy Chattanooga, TN
  6. Want to Buy Trader
    I've ordered a non-relieved repro from lugerdoc, but am still looking for either an original f.p. to save and use as a pattern for relieving the non-relieved, or a relieved repro f.p. Sarco is out of stock, nor much luck elsewhere online. Li'l help? David Parker
  7. Want to Sell Trader Board
    I'm looking for a shooter grade Luger. Would ideally like an artillery barrel. Please contact me with your asking price, condition, etc