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  1. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I have wondered this because it seems off that they add a step to the already complicated process. Its just a stamp, but that is still one step in the way of getting another pistol in the hand of a German. My preliminary theory involves them not wanting germans to get it mixed up with the P.38...
  2. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I know this is a real tool. I have a real marked tool and they are identical in look and function. I’ve seen and used the reproductions and they are easy to spot. I got this tool with a byf 42 and was wondering if these markings have any meaning?
  3. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I have a BYF 42 35xx Luger. It came with black plastic grips when I bought it. They were unfortunately fakes but I knew that going into it. I ended up buying some really nice original wood grips that are correct for it. They look great and feel good, but I still would like some nice black...
  4. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I do not have these, I am thinking about purchasing them and obviously cannot do the hot pin test on them yet. But based on what they look like, do they look correct?
  5. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Here is two pictures of my 1942 byf Luger. Usually with the later ww2 Lugers these areas still have visible machine marks. But mine does not. I have seen other Lugers made during the same time as mine that had these marks polished out when it was made as they would have wanted to do. All I want...
  6. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    I just wanted to ask this before I contacted them. My ffl told me that I could contact the new orleans ww2 museum to find out the history of a luger if I wanted to know. I find this unlikely but then again the germans were very meticulous and most were made directly for the military as opposed...
  7. 1900-1918: Luger Unit Markings
    Hello, I would like some advice on a unit that used this luger. Marking: P.D.R.20. It is a double dated luger 1918 1920.
  8. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    What’s y’all’s favorite world war 2 era Luger? Like variants, years, manufacturers, etc? My favorites are ones that say “P.08”. And going more into it, it would probably have to be the byf Lugers because I personally love the code itself and the other stamps and stuff with them.
  9. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Army, Navy, Police
    Can you just put any world war 2 style original Luger grips both plastic and wood on a world war 2 Luger and it should fit nicely?
  10. New Collectors Board
    I just got this gun that I can't identify. There are no manufacturer or brand stamp. It was sold as a baby browning, but it's not... The story from the seller was that it was given to a Norwegian prisoner when he was transfered to a camp/jail in eastern europe during ww2. Of course I can't...
1-10 of 16 Results