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1913 DWM Lugers are reported in the 1201 to 315e serial range and were initially manufactured without hold open or stock lug. All have the exposed style of serial number placement. Toward the end of 1913 production they were manufactured with hold open and stock lug. About 35,000 were produced. Unit markings are reported on about 5 percent of these Lugers.

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Figure 1. Left side, Bavarian issued1913 DWM, serial number 2544. The serial number placement is military (exposed).

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Figure 2. Top, 1913 DWM, serial number 2544.

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Figure 3. Right side, 1913 DWM, serial number 2544. This Luger is Bavarian unit stamped. A hold open has not been added. According to a May 6,1913 directive all P08's in service without a hold open were to have the hold open retrofitted by Erfurt. Examined of numerous Bavarian unit marked Lugers indicates that all those that lacked the hold open at manufacture did not have it added. Apparently World War I started before the Bavarian’s had time to have the hold open added to their Lugers. Once the war started the troops and Lugers were scattered in battles on two fronts in a dozen countries and the hold opens were never added.

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Figure 4. Right receiver of 1913 DWM, serial number 2544, showing the acceptance stamps and proof.

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Figure 5. Front of frame and bottom of barrel of 1913 DWM, serial number 2544. Note: the faint halo around the digits of the barrel serial number and 8,83 barrel gauge. These numbers were stamped through the blue.

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Figure 6. 1913 DWM, serial number 2544. Inside of grips stamped with the last two digits of the Lugers serial number, 44.

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Figure 7. Front, 1913 DWM, serial number 2544. It is unit stamped B.16.J.R.M.G.75.: which signifies Bayerisches, 16 Infanterie-regiment, Maschinengewehr-kompagnie Waffe Nr. 75 (Bavarian 16th Infantry Regiment, Machine Gun Company, weapon number 75) .

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Figure 8. 1913 DWM, serial number 2544, with its Bavarian manufactured holster dated 1913.

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Figure 9. Back of holster.

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Figure 10. 1913 DWM, serial number 2544., showing details of open holster with tool and extra magazine.

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Figure 11. The holster is stamped AWM/9/13 which signifies: Artillery Workshop Munchen 1913 (Bavarian Army Workshop that specialized in artillery equipment, holsters and other leather goods)A “B” is stamped to the right of the AWM/9/13. (Its meaning is unknown. It has been suggested that it signifies Bavaria.)

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Figure 12. Holster inside of flap showing 9JR MGK unit stamp. This signifies 9th Infantry Regiment Machine Gun Kompagnie

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