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This is the Vickers that I questioned the grips on..........along w/the marking inside the grip. Also there appears to be two poorly stamped words, about 6 characters, just ahead of the grip safety about half way up......

Download Attachment: Pictures 014.jpg

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I know this post is a little old but if you still have the gun I would very much like to see clearer pictures of the markings on your gun.
I am collecting data on internal markings and noticed several on your gun.

Can you tell me if there is a C with an arrow anywhere on your gun, most likely inside the front frame well? This is a Vickers manufacturing mark; it looks like a poorly struck Circle N.



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I sincerely doubt that many 'Vickers manufacturing marks' will be found on these guns. Most, if not all parts came from DWM storage and it's much more likely that any internal markings encountered are actually DWM manufacturing marks.

I'm curious about the outcome though, could raise some interesting discussions.
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