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Erfurt Lugers were manufactured from 1911 to 1918 by the Prussian Government owned Erfurt Arms Factory for the Imperial German Army. During 1912 Erfurt manufactured 21,000 Lugers in the 62 to 866b serial range. These were manufactured without hold open or stock lug. Unit markings are reported on about 10 percent of these Lugers.

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Figure 1. The 1912 Erfurt shown above bears serial number 6361. All Erfurt’s bear military style serial number placement (exposed) and Crown/gothic letter acceptance stamps on all parts (except springs).

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Figure 2. Top of 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361. The front sight bears an Erfurt acceptance stamp(not visible in this photograph).

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Figure 3. 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361, right side. According to a May 6,1913 directive all P08's in service without a hold open were to have the hold open retrofitted. This was accomplished by Erfurt. A small crown/scriptic letter indicates a hold open was retrofitting to this Luger. The end of the pin placed to retain the hold open is properly in the white. Its grips are Erfurt accepted but not numbered to this Luger (bear number 58).

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Figure 4. Right receiver of 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361. It bears three Crown/gothic letter acceptance stamps (C/D C/E C/P)and a test proof on the right receiver.

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Figure 5. Front of frame and bottom of barrel, of 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361. The barrel bears only the E/623 acceptance stamp.

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Figure 6. 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361. Details of the E/623 barrel acceptance stamp. This is a Steyr acceptance stamp used on replacement Luger barrels. According to Costanzo (page 131) it is a rare barrel stamp.

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Figure 7. 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361. The Steyr replacement barrel has a mirror mint bore.

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Figure 8. 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361. Erfurts bear acceptance stamps on almost all parts including their grip screws.

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Figure 9. This 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361, bears an eagle (the same or very similar to the test eagle) on the end of its main toggle pin. This eagle has been observed on the main pin of a very few early Erfurts. (See page 69 Imperial Lugers)

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Figure 10. Left side, 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361. Details of the armorer’s replacement side plate. It is unnumbered, bearing only an acceptance stamp. This side plate may have been replaced during late World War I or during World War II at the same time its barrel was replaced. Its sear bar has not been relieved.

This Luger retains all its Imperial features(except barrel), original finish and straw, un-relieved sear bar, and un-numbered main toggle pin. Likely it was put into storage at the end of World War I (Weimar Lugers, page 17 ) and put back into service after the start of World War II. In the haste to put this Luger back into service these modifications (relieved sear bar and numbered main pin) were not implemented. However, a new barrel was added and this Luger was returned to service.

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Figure 11. Front of 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361. Its World War I unit stamp is to an infantry regiment machine gun company.

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Figure 12. 1912 Erfurt, serial number 6361, with its World War II 1939 dated holster.

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Figure 13. Open holster showing the magazine and tool compartments.

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Figure 14. 1939 dated holster hallmark and acceptance stamp(faint).

To continue go to: 1900-1918 Luger Unit Markings and History:
2/2, HISTORY 1912 ERF, J.R.152.M.G.71. click the link below.
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