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Note: three posts (1/5, 2/5, 3/5) will be used to describe the details and holsters of: 1908 DWM (B.1.S.R.3.7.), 1908 DWM (B.1.Ch.4.11.), and 1911 DWM (B.5.Ar.3.89.). All three Lugers belonged to Regiments that were part of the Bavarian Cavalry Division during World War I. These Lugers history will be described in the 1900-1918: Luger Unit Markings section (posts 4/5, 5/5).
4/5, HISTORY, BAVARIAN CAV. DIV. LUGERS Jan C Still http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3282

1908 DWM Lugers (often referred to as first issues)are reported in the 1 to 4828b serial range and were manufactured without chamber date, hold open, stock lug, and with commercial style (hidden)serial placement. These were manufactured in 1908 and1909. About 25,000 were manufactured and about 25 percent of these are unit marked. In a data base with 870 unit marked Imperial Lugers, only 12 are Bavarian cavalry marked (1 Ulanen, 6 Chevauleger and 5 Scherer Reiter)

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Figure 1. Left slant view of Bavarian cavalry issue1908 DWM, serial number 451a. The serial number placement is hidden (commercial style).

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Figure 2. Top, 1908 DWM, serial number 451a.

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Figure 3. Right side of 1908 DWM, serial number 451a. This Luger is Bavarian unit stamped. A hold open has not been added. According to a May 6,1913 directive all P08's in service without a hold open were to have the hold open retrofitted by Erfurt. I have examined numerous Bavarian unit marked Lugers. All those that lacked the hold open at manufacture did not have it added. Apparently World War I started before the Bavarian’s had time to have the hold open added to their Lugers. Once the war started the troops and Lugers were scattered in battles on two fronts in a dozen countries and the hold opens were never added.

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Figure 4. Left receiver and barrel of 908 DWM, serial number 451a. Only the 1908 Variation has the two acceptance stamps and test proof on the left receiver (an exception is the 1906 Model test).

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Figure 5. Front of frame and bottom of barrel of 1908 DWM, serial number 451a. The serial number of the take down lever is in the commercial style (hidden). Note: examination of1908 DWM Lugers indicates that they do not display a halo around the digits of their barrel serial number.

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Figure 6. 1908 DWM, serial number 451a. showing the bottom of it’s proper magazine. The large numbers aligned with the long axis of the magazine bottom were used on magazine bottoms from the start of the no suffix 1908 DWM First Issue to the 1911 dated DWM Lugers. A suffix was added to the magazine bottom when the “e” suffix was reached in 1911. Starting in about 1912 smaller letters aligned across the magazine were used.

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Figure 7. 1908 DWM, serial number 451a. showing the inside of its grips. They bear worker stamps and are not serial number stamped.

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Figure 8. Front, 1908 DWM, serial number 451a, showing unit markings. It bears Bavarian Heavy Rider (Cavalry) unit stamps.

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Figure 9. 1908 DWM, serial number 451a, with matching, 1915 dated, Bavarian manufactured holster.

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Figure 10. Holster back.

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Figure 11. The holster is unit stamped between its belt loops 1.s.R.R. / 1915 which signifies: 1st Heavy Reiter Regiment, the same Regiment as the Luger.

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Figure 12. Holster manufacturing hallmark stamped on the inside of the holsters flap. It is marked SCHWARZENBERGER / NURENBERG / 1915.
(updated according to Bobs post below)

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Figure 13. Open holster showing details of its tool pouch and magazine pouch.

GO TO: 1900-1918: the 1900-1918: Luger Unit Markings section for history and unit related accessories.4/5, HISTORY, BAVARIAN CAV. DIV. LUGERS Jan C Still http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3282

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As usual Jan, I'm amazed at your collection and dedication to the history of these fellows.

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Hi Jan,
* Both Klaus Merzbach (AutoMag) & J. Walters have a listing for SCHWARZENBERGER. I think this may be the maker of your holster.
* J. Walters, The Luger Book, Pg. 243, Item S34 states: "Schwarzenberger & Co., Nürnberg. Maker of saddlery and leatherware in peacetime. Produced P.08 holsters, cartridge pouches and accouterments in 1915-18. Trading appears to have ceased during the Weimar Republic."
* My good guess of the day from staring @ the pic. for a while.
* Oh, and BTW, terrific Bavarian Rig & top notch post. Thanks for your continued educational/enlightening posts.

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Simply outstanding, your collection is superb, whatever contacts you had to aquire such beauties should be proud that you are the new owner.Writeup, detail and historical significance second to none.

Good going.
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