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Just looking for info on the unit marks Holster maker is Awm 10 93, other unit stamps are (unreadable might start with B) over 1 FA 1910, also a very large 3 (F?) B . On backstrap of revolver B 1. R. A.2.66. and Crown L proof. Also has GF stamped in front of serial number on left side of barrel next to frame. Has large R. E. branded into left grip. Any info would be appreciated

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B.1.R(script).A.2.66. signifies: Bayerisches, 1 Reserve-Feld-Artillerie-Regiment, Batterie 2, Waffe Nr. 66. Note: Bayerisches=Bavarian

The AWM/10/93 on the holster: Artillery Workshop Munchen / work shop 10??/1893.

"(unreadable might start with B) over 1 FA 1910, also a very large 3 (F?) B" Holsters were not subject to the same detailed rules and regulations of weapons. On holsters FA may mean field artillery regiment. The B 1 FA 1910 signifies Bavarian 1. Field Artillery Regiment and the year 1910.


The " GF " in front of the serial number is for Gewehr Fabrik, this was the stamp of the Bavarian government arsenal at Amberg. The revolver wasn't made there - it just means it was inspected at Amberg and passed fit for service. The maker's mark will be on the left - hand side of the revolver above the trigger, in an oval cartouche.



Where is Heinrich ??? - this is his job !!!! ;)
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