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1900 AE Commercial Luger

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Recently purchased a 1900 AE Luger. Pistol is in good condition, Bore, grips and about 97% blue with 90% straw. The left side of the pistol has several areas of rust and absent blueing. All #'s match. How much will I degrade the value of this pistol if I touch up the non blued areas?
Thank you, Craig
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Personally I would not do it! If the gun is 97% as you indicate it is a collector grade pistol and trying to do any "touch up" may well reduce, weaken or kill its collectible value. Nothing worse to a collector than when someone has messed with the finish--it almost always can be detected. My advice kill or stop the rust but don't try to refresh or do any bluing touch up!
Lloyd is right, in the collecting field, but especially in the Luger collecting field, ANY improvements (reblue, taking pits out of metal, etc.) is deterimental to value, many times dropping value in half or more!

So, if you want a pretty gun, I am sure there are others that can trade you a "shooter" reblued gun ~~grinning~~ Seriously, I want one as nice as possible, but I'd take a well used "real" gun any day to a 98% desk drawer trophy, but that goes against many pristine collectors I know.

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