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In an attempt to influence the Armistice negotiations the German Naval command formulated plans to bring about the long-awaited clash between the German and British Battle fleets. Admiral Scheer ordered the High Seas Fleet out on November 3, 1918. It was his intention to give battle and go down with colors flying. However, nowhere was Bolshevik propaganda more effective than in the German Navy. The crews mutinied, murdered a number of their officers, turned the ships around, and returned to port with red flags flying from their gaffs. This lead to disorders, strikes, mutinies, and revolts throughout Germany.

This 1900 Browning commemorates this Red revolution.

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Figure 1. Left side, 1900 Browning, serial number 85884. It is in caliber 7.65 Browning, bears Belgiun proofs, and its safety is marked FEU and SUR. It is inscribed “FABRIQUE-NATIONALE-HERSTAL-LIEGE (BROWNINGS-PATENT)” and “BREVETE-S.G.D.G.” Its grips are plastic with a 1900 Browning molded into the top. (Purchased from the Imperial German Navy collection of Tom Knox, many years ago.)

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Figure 2. Right side, 1900 Browning, serial number 85884. Its serial number is repeated three times.

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Figure 3. Engraving details, right side: Reichswerf Kiel.

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Figure 4. Engraving details, left side: Revolution 4, Nov. 1918.

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Figure 5. Engraving details, grip strap: a persons name? I cannot decipher this and a correct spelling would be most appreciated.

Klaus decipher the name on the grip strap (Figure 5). It is "Klunge" (the u has umlauts). He was a Bolshevik/Communist no doubt.

This 1900 Browning is inscribed to commemorate the Red revolution at the Kiel Dockyard on Nov. 4 1918.
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