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You requested serial numbers for your 1900 Test Luger list. I posted this Test Luger on this site before.
I'm sorry I can't provide detailed photos as I don't have a camera for showing the small details.
I will again describe this Test Luger more fully and you can take it for what it's worth.
All parts are correct for a 1900 Test Luger including the DWM inspection stamp on the wood bottom magazine. I also removed the grips and both grips have '60' stamped on them with the DWM inspection stamp on right grip under the '60'. On the Takedown lever the '60' is stamped on the left side. Both the '60's on the grips & the '60' on the takedowm lever are the same characters & size as the last two digets of the serial number stamped on the barrel & frame as this was done on a Nikon Camparator. It has not been reblued or touched up that I could see. Condition is 96%+. I'm not claiming it is totally correct.
I am only supplying you with this information and if you wish you may include it in you list.

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Thank you Bill. I have had #6160 on my list for a number of years, but didn't know it was yours. I appreciate the verification that it still exists and is in good hands.
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