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I acquired a 1902 Commercial (no American eagle) at Louisville last weekend that's been rebarreled with an unserialled 9mm regular barrel, marked only with the usual 8.83 bore info and an Imperial eagle proof (#14 on page 39 of Kenyon). The gun has the usual Crown B Crown U proofs in the usual places, plus an added Crown N proof on the left side of the receiver next to the B/U proofs, so it had to have been rebarreled in Germany after 1911. Serial 229xx.

My American Eagle 1902, serial 228xx, is completely without proofs, so it must not have been sold commercially since German proof laws would have required proofing. Furthermore, its proper flush sideplate is mismatched. Were there any U.S. "test" 1902s other than the cartridge counters? I don't see how a gun as scarce as a 1902 would end up with a mismatched sideplate unless it was part of a group that was being handled as some kind of evaluation.

Comments, anyone?

Joe Schroeder
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