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Although it's starting to show it's age. Dont let that fool you. This Luger shoots just like it's new. And is vary accurate. I recently tried to sell this 1906. And the guy would only give me half of what I wanted for it. His reason being that is was in poor condition. I think it rates at least fair to good. Because their is no major corrosion or pitting anywhere on the pistol. Granted the finish is started to fade. Any opinions on condition?

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113.42KB Any opinion's from the forum on the condition?

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It looks like a nice 1906. Among the 1906s or even the grip saftied Lugers these fellows are quite common. After three years of trying, I finally sold one in 97% condition for a hair over two grand. Yours appears to be in a state that might command $1000 on a very good day.

Please neither take offense nor offer to sell it to me. That is simply my take on the gun.

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Dow, I think also if someone has not been around "collectble guns", especially lugers, that $500-$600 seems like a lot, and they don't realize that collectable guns go for that much...
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