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Jan Still and all you Navy Luger collectors, I have noted the following serial number backstrap marking of a Navy First Issue for your records.

My Father is presently 93, and a retired Army Full Colonel in WW11. He and others were at a post on the outskirts of a German town they were securing over. All of a sudden a vehicle was coming at them heading out of town and there were four German solders in the vehicle. They tried to flag down the vehicle but had no intentions on stopping. They opened fire and all four occupants were killed. When my Father approached the vehicle, there was a Luger on the floor of the vehicle and he picked it up and has been in our family ever since.

It is an all matching 1906 Navy Fist Issue receiver with matching magazine, serial number #4828. Marking on backstrap are 11MD 17, Second Sailor Division Wilhelmshaven. I borrowed my friends Imperial Luger book.

The bad news is that sometime during the war the top end was replaced with a 4" 1918 Erfurt. Overall the top end is rusted with pitting and most of bluing is gone. The receiver is not in all of that better shape. My brother in his younger days used cold blue to reblue the pats that were straw. Not a big deal cause finish is poor to start with.

Hope this information is use.



Download Attachment: 2004111611496_DCP_0512.jpg

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Thanks for the photographs and information. The magazine ia a proped Navy mag and that is a treasure in itself.
II.M.D. = Second Sailors Division (Wilhelmshaven)Weapon Number 17.
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