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Submitted is a 1907 Dreyse which by all accounts is one very ugly pistol but nevertheless has quite a bit of history to it. Having originated in the Imperial era, transfered to the Weimar era,and reconstructed in the Nazi era while still maintaining the entire rig together some 60 years later is a benchmark that does not come by very often . Collectors should avail themselves to these items when they surface as they are rare and should be sought-after. However you should be the judge on this occasion.
Dreyse holster front.JPG

Dreyse holster rear.JPG

holster serial number.JPG

Dreyse holster exposed.JPG

Dreyse holster marks.JPG

Dreyse pistol left side.JPG

pistol serial number.JPG
As one can see , there are two matching magazines but close observation discloses that the mags were used previously , 3 times before but are still functional. Thrifty Germans did not throw anything away.

matching magazines.JPG

magazine bases.JPG The grip strap marking of P.A.Ch.235 are of a Police Arsenal or Amt at Chemnitz. In either case , I am satisfied that it is police and is proper.

gripstrap marks.JPG
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