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1908 1st Issue unit marked (clarification offered)

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I received this today. A 1908 1st Issue with unit mark. It's all matching, with the commercial style hidden numbers. Hold open added, and proper un-numbered grips, in very nice condition. According to reported ser#'s , this 4807 b is 21 from the highest reported number of 4828 b. Out of 25,000 produced.

The unfortunate part is that it has been reblued and restrawed.

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Proofs on Ist issues were somewhat shallow to begin with. After refinish. These are still visible and ledgable.

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Mag is proper, but appears force matched.

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This the reason I bought it. Unit marked 12th Jaeger Regiment. No company # Weapon #10. According to Jeff Noll this is a scarce , if not rare marking. It is a Staff pistol, never assigned to a company, which accounts for the lack of Company number.

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It's rather sad to see such a fine old piece reblued, but judging from the tiny bits of pepper pitting that are still visible in spots and on the barrel. The old warrior needed some help. And whomever salvaged her did'nt do too bad of a job. At least they tried to be gentle. I wish, I wish....
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Hi Johnny, Which marking? Mauser or Luger?

The grip strap marking of the Luger.
Johnny, This is as good as it gets with my "Sesame Street" camera.

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The reason I ask is that in your photograph the markings have the look of being pantagraphed rather than stamped. A close-up shot might prove otherwise, but the letters and numbers appear to have the rounded ending and beginning which is unavoidable in pantagraphed markings. The bottoms of the pantagraphed markings will also show the tool chatter.

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Johnny, No, they are stamped. The pistol has been refinished and the border ridges that would ordinarily be seen from a stamping have been sanded smooth.


Do you still have the the 13th Jager Bn History and what would be the cost? By the way, the 12th Jager Battalion was Saxon and was stationed before the war in Freiburg.

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