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1908 Commercial, B.U.G. Proofed, #52110. "Prv." in Magazine Well

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I just picked up a beautiful 1908 DWM commercial luger, B.U.G. proofed, #52110. Gun is 9mm, all matched and has 98% original finish. Attached is a picture of the magazine well with a "Prv." marking. The gun has no hold-open added nor does it have any unit markings indicating military use. Is there still a controversy concerning the meaning of "Prv." or has the collecting community accepted the meaning as being "Private" as in a private purchase gun? All help and opinions appreciated. Thanks.
Tim H.
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Since you can check the database yourself, I encourage you to do so.

Ok, found it. Using the adobe search feature, I found four on the list with 'Prv':

AE- 25755
AE- 38241
08c- 42482
08c- 43898

And one with just 'P': 08c-43176. All five were 9mm.

So, I know you stated earlier that not all info has been recorded over to the database. How many AE had Prv?

I will do a search on both forums and see if Tim's is the highest reported with the Prv.
Thanks for checking, you have pointed out a disconnect in the data analysis. You are using the current public release of the database, I am using my current raw data. Here is the up-to-date list:

AE sn 25755
AE sn 31381
AE sn 38241
08c sn 40332
08c sn 41366
08c sn 42432
08c sn 42482
C sn 42678
08c sn 42770
AE sn 43338
08c sn 43898
(ns) sn 49744
C sn 49747
All the AE and C entries are reported 9mm.

P only
08c sn 39063
08c sn 48034

No doubt there are still more of both in the backlog.

And yes, Tim's is the new high serial number.

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Pistol, you mentioned '08 Commercial, #43176 above. I sold that gun recently at SOS. Besides being 9mm and having a "P" in the mag well, it was also B.U.G. proofed.
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