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Help me with this one! 1908 DWM (on toggle) 9mm Luger marked "9-G.M.S.G" over chamber. Nope! Not "G.S.M.P." (guards machine gun), but lettering seems very similar (deep and large). All parts including receiver marked "9" (not "09"- just "9"). Inside of grips marked "9". Grip strap is unit marked "M.S.G. 1193" (leaving off the "G" on the receiver). The ONLY - and I mean ONLY - other markings on this gun are lazy crown N proofs where usually found on 1908 commercials. No stock lug (indicating pre-1914 manufacturer?) The sear is relieved. A hold open has been added. A 1930's sear safety has also been added.

The "9" on the side plate is on the side toward the right of the side plate. Likewise, the "9" on the takedown latch is on the side, not the bottom. It has an unmarked wooden bottom magazine. Reportedly acquired from WWII vet who said it was a war trophy from ETO in WWII.

Does anybody know of other Lugers with similar markings and have any information as to this guns origins/history and what G.M.S.G. or M.S.G. stand for?

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Costanzo (1977) in his book "World of Luger Proof Marks" lists G.M.S.G. on page 342 and estimates that it is a commercial presentation. Can not find a military unit stamp that fits and the over the chamber location suggests presentation.

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In poking around the other topics I noticed that in “CENTRAL POWERS PISTOLS AND ACCESSORIES” in the thread “Dreyse Model 1907 Pistols - Data Needed”, vladimir has a 1907 Dreyse that is marked G.M.S.G. No 63! Seems like that would maybe rule out a presentation marking and lean toward being an organization?

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